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This website is dedicated to my great grandfather Late Mr. Virji Narayandas Purecha. (MOZAMBIQE AFRICA)

The website aims at helping members of the community track their roots and to keep records of these roots. The source of my family tree has been provided by many family members, internet researchers and official records. Please let me know if you find any errors. I am glad to share information through this website. I am always on the lookout for more family photos, please contact me if you have photos of any of those mentioned here and if you would like to share those pictures. Many people have shared their information and their research as well as photos with me for my records. I would like to mention some of them whose help has been extraordinary.

First my mother Late Mrs. Gunwanti Gopaldas Purecha (A HOLY POWERS LADY) and my father well known as Freedom Fighter Of India (QUITE INDIA MOVEMENTS 1942) Late Mr. Gopaldas Mavji Virji Purecha alias Manvendranaath Aazad. Name "Manvendranaath Aazad" was given by Mahatma Gandhi (FATHER OF NATION - INDIA ) at 1942 in Yarwada jail Pune, Maharashtra, India. When my father was detained by British Army - Police Force with freedom fighter Mr. Dinkar Sakhreekar and Ex. Prime Minister Of India Late Mr. Morarji Desai.

My father Mr. Gopaldas Mavji Virji Purecha wise county genealogy records. There are many more whose help I appreciate so much in helping me create this tapestry that makes up our family. I especially want to thank for allowing me to scan his family photos of the Dutia Purecha family. Also who has let me go through all of family photos and make copies. So many have sent me photos, and I regard this as a family effort. I think it is important to put a face with a name if possible. To document our family for future generations to be able to see who and where they came from will show them our pride in our family and also that we were thinking of them long before they came to be.

Future; everyone looks towards the future. Whether it is to see where we'll be in 5, 10 years, or to start preparing so we can satisfy and evaluate peace of mind. We do this even though we know nothing of what is going to come. The future is this huge, mysterious force, pressing itself firmly on everything around us. Now and then, little fragments are revealed, coated in obscurity and ambiguity. And although contrary, the past is extremely similar.

The past, in its whole form, is lost. We don't know what exactly happened, just little bits that are pieced together from papers, photos and, most of all, memories. People say that the past should be forgotten, and the present should be embraced, faced towards the future. But, none of us would be here if it wasn't for history. We should be embracing the history, along with the present. After all, we all have history, and happiness comes from our memories, not from what is happening right now. Special Thanks to my Uncle and unty Mr.Shantikumar Popatlal Dutia and Mrs.Sobhana Shantikumar Dutia, and also Mr.Shashikant Chatrabhuj Jeshrani.